What are BodyZorbs?

BodyZorbs are large inflatable balls that you slide into, so they fit above your knees and over your head. You can then crash and bump into other BodyZorb players.

What games can you play?

Games including bodyzorb battle, bodyzorb football, bodyzorb sumo, relay races and team building events.

Is it safe?

The Zorbs are made out of hard wearing plastic and each has a 4 point harness. As players only bump into other BodyZorb players, then everyone has double protection.

BodyZorb Football

BodyZorb Football is the most energetic thing you will ever do and it is fantastic fun!

The rules are very simple, play a game of football and the team who scores the most goals wins wearing an inflatable bubble (BodyZorb). This bubble will protect you from your head down to your knees which means that you can knock people over, be knocked over or generally roll around the pitch.

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Fun for all ages

Our Zorbs are great fun for most age groups. If you’re thinking of using us for children’s parties, everyone must be at least 1 meter tall. We will supervise the parties and include team games and challenges. The latest craze is BodyZorb Football which is sure to get everyone fully involved.

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